Live Search Mobile

I ran across a nifty little utility for my cell phone over the weekend: Live Search Mobile. It’s a small application that you can install on Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices that provides a slick front-end to the Live Search service. When you open the app, it tries to determine your location automatically. For me…


Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

Oh man, did I ever do a lot of umm, ‘testing’ today with the new Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. I’ve spent a few hours bouncing around to many web sites seeing how Beta 2 handles the various designs, coding styles, etc. If you used Beta 1, you probably used that ‘IE7 rendering’ button nearly…


Power Pack 1 available for Windows Home Server

The Windows Home Server team released Power Pack 1 today. It’s been a long road for the Home Server team and I have to imagine, a pretty big learning experience. We always want to release the best software we can but being part of the beta audience for Home Server within the company, I could…


Surface in Las Vegas

I might have to go back to Vegas again 🙂 Harrah’s in Las Vegas just launched Microsoft Surface in the iBar at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. They’ve added several apps to the Surface that are really tailored for social interaction in the bar. From the video below you can see examples of the…


Exchange Demo Day

I can’t wait for Exchange 14 to hit the streets. The Exchange team recently held a demo day where we all got together to see all the new features being packed into the next release of Exchange. That weekend I got Exchange 14 up and running on my home network handling my personal email. Demo…


WorldWide Telescope Beta Released

Microsoft Research released a beta version of WorldWide Telescope last night. This is the amazing program I talked about recently that lets you explore the sky like never before. Take a look at a couple of screen shots I’ve taken: Binary star system Supernova remnant cross-faded midway between a color sky survey and X-ray  …


Microsoft Surface at AT&T Retail Stores

On Thursday Microsoft and AT&T launched Microsoft Surface at five of AT&T’s retail stores in four cities across the US: New York, Atlanta, San Antonio and San Francisco. The deployments at the AT&T stores enable you to view wireless coverage maps, view phone information, compare phones with each other and more, just by placing the…


Really Cool New Toy

It was my birthday last week (Happy Birthday to meee) and my wife got me a few things…some books, a Sirius radio setup for my car (channel 14 kicks butt) and…a little RC helicopter! Everyone who knows me knows I’m a complete gadget freak so naturally I was on the ceiling happy. Ripped the box…


WorldWide Telescope Part 2

Robert Scoble posted his interview with Curtis Wong from Microsoft Research. The interview includes a demo of the phenomenal WorldWide Telescope project. You can view the video here: Spring can’t come fast enough.


WorldWide Telescope

On Wednesday, Microsoft Research announced a new product called WorldWide Telescope (let’s call it WWT). Imagine exploring images from the best telescopes across the globe and in space, calling up related data, stories and statistics on objects that you want to know more about. Zoom in until a galaxy fills up your screen in high…