Exchange 2010 permissions management in SP1

If you're new to Exchange 2010 SP1 and need to learn how to assign permissions to your administrators or other specialist users (such as employees who perform records searches), check out Understanding Permissions. This topic walks you setting up permissions that the vast majority of Exchange administrators will use. You don't need to know about management role assignments, scopes, and so on, in order to make use of a wide variety of options we provide you out of the box to customize Exchange 2010 SP1 to your permissions model. With SP1 you can use the RBAC editor in the Exchange Control Panel to easily add and remove members to and from role groups, and also add and remove roles to and from role groups. You can even create your own role groups and also manage role assignment policies, all without having to open the Exchange Management Shell.

If you're coming from Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2003, see these topics for information on how permissions between Exchange 2010 and those versions are handled:

Understanding Permissions Coexistence with Exchange 2003
Understanding Permissions Coexistence with Exchange 2007

As always, if you want to go beyond what we've provided out of the box, you can read all about advanced permissions extensibility available with Exchange 2010 SP1 in Understanding Role Based Access Control.

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