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If you've downloaded and installed Exchange Server 2010 (if you haven't, why not? 🙂 see my post below for information on how to get your hands on it), be sure you head on over to the Exchange 2010 forums. There, you can talk with other people like yourself who are trying out Exchange 2010. Talk about what you like (or don't like), offer help and ask for help if you need some. MVPs and Exchange product team members are also there to help you.

 Have fun!

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  1. David Strome says:

    hi Elsa.

    Please post your question in the Exchange 2010 forums and someone should be able to help you. The forums are a fantastic resource.


  2. Elsa says:

    Hi David,

    We have recently installed Exchange 2010, and noticed that the additional logging options are not available from the ‘Manage Diagnostics Logging Properties’ (Folder Access, Message Access, Extended Send As or Extended Send on Behalf of)

    We were wondering how can we apply Mailbox Access Auditing in Exchange 2010 to trach which user logged in with which account and when? Any idea?

    Would greatly appreciate your help.


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