So, I'm sitting here watching Survivor: China and figured it was a good time to start this blog up. I think my mind is just rebelling against what the TV is showing me.

Who is this person? Well, I'm a Technical Writer on the Exchange Server team here in Redmond. I started with Microsoft in 2005 and was thrown right into the mix on the Exchange 2007 Transport team. There, I wrote about the compliance features - Transport Rules and Journaling, as well as being the lead writer for the Exchange Management Shell content. Also did some work on Transport Agents, Delivery Status Notifications, and various other transport features here and there.

 Since Exchange 2007 shipped, I've moved from Transport to another team, still the lead writer for the Exchange Management Shell and am responsible for new features in E14, the next version of Exchange. We haven't announced the features yet, so not much to say about that for now 🙂

 Outside of work, I'm a Canadian transplanted to the US. I grew up in Kamloops, BC, Canada and after college, worked at a variety of places running Windows networks and specializing in Exchange. I first started working with Exchange back in 1998 on Exchange 5.0. It was a real blast starting work on on that - very different from what I'd previously done (Unix admin at an ISP). Over the years I've gone from small little shops to working for a dot-bomb managing several hundred Exchange and other mail servers located in several locations around the world. That was a fun job...too bad they didn't charge anything. 🙂 oh well. My wife and I love going to movies and driving up to see our families in Canada. My wife absolutely kicks my butt in Halo 3...but I kick hers in Scrabulous 🙂

As for what I want to do with this blog. Well, I'm not really sure yet. As the title says, it'll likely be mostly ramblings. But I do want to talk about Exchange, obviously...and specifically use this as an outlet to talk to, and get feedback from, those who use the product and our documentation. Maybe more. Maybe less. I'll see what happens over time.

Now...where's Survivor going to next....

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