Happy New Year!

I just want to send out a huge Happy New Year to everyone out there (ok so it’s only 8:30PM here but I’m such a wild child I’m sure I’ll be lights-out by 10). Hope you have a fun and safe new year’s eve and a prosperous 2008!   David.


Exchange Management Shell Tips and Quick Reference

I’m sitting here watching downhill skiing (a Canadian finished third! woo!), recovering from Christmas and a nasty cold. Colds aren’t fun. But getting one at Christmas is just wrong. So I’m planted in an easy chair, staring at the TV. Bored. I’ve even clicked through pretty much all the various greetings that pop up when…


Me and my Stay at Home Server

Hello. My name’s David, and I have a stay at home server. It backs up my computers. It centralizes my data. It even lets me access my files and computers on my network from the Internet. I’m proud of my stay at home server. What is my stay at home server exactly? Some massive machine…


Exchange Server 2003 Community Content

We recently enabled a new feature on our Exchange Server 2003 product documentation. A new “Community Content” section enables you to add content to our existing topics. Now you can add your own thoughts to a topic. Have you implemented something and have real-world insights into what people should expect? Have you found a better…



So, I’m sitting here watching Survivor: China and figured it was a good time to start this blog up. I think my mind is just rebelling against what the TV is showing me. Who is this person? Well, I’m a Technical Writer on the Exchange Server team here in Redmond. I started with Microsoft in…