Armenia cancels DST

Disclaimer: The information in this document is written in response to an announcement by the government of Armenia about changes in the daylight saving time in Armenia for the year of 2012.   The steps provided in this bulletin were created to mitigate the impacts that the daylight saving time changes will cause for customers…


Microsoft Daylight Saving Time and Time Zone update now available (December 2008)

The most recent cumulative updates to daylight saving time (DST) and world time zones (TZ) are now available for supported versions of the following products. For the latest DST updates on each of these products, please visit the following Microsoft Web site: Microsoft Daylight Saving Time Support page.The cumulative updates can be downloaded as indicated…


Chile announces an extension on their Daylight Saving Time for 2008

The government of Chile announced on February 7, 2008, that their current daylight saving time will be extended in order to save energy. The new fall back date for the daylight saving period of 2007-2008 is:      Daylight saving time ends:  Last Saturday of March at 11:59:59PM Information is available via our Chilean web site…


Q: Updates to Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.3.7 update and Entourage?

Q:  I checked and under Entourage it states to download Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.3.7 update. I checked the KB for the update and it mentioned nothing about DST. I checked the readme for the download and it updates the following 3 files: Microsoft Component Plugin Microsoft Excel Microsoft Ole Automation Can someone…


A previously cancelled Outlook meeting re-appears, and one hour off

Q: Can anyone explain the re-appearance of a cancelled meeting with a start time one hour off the original scheduled time? A previously cancelled meeting reappeared on my calendar (at the wrong time) and there are no meetings scheduled. I sent cancellation notices for an upcoming meeting that was set up before DST. A: Sometimes…


Calendar appointments showing 1 hour later on recipients’ calendar appointments

      Symptom: Any calendaring client may show 1 hour later on a recipients’ calendar appointment (Outlook, OWA, Blackberry or Goode devices etc.).  The recipient will appear to not follow DST2007 rules.  This is true even with OS patches are successfully applied even with rebasing successfully executed.  Warning: If the system is not OS-patched or rebased successfully,…


Time Zones not updating on Windows 2003, Windows XP or Windows 2000

After applying 931836 time zone changes don’t take effect until you manually change the time zone   Symptom:  We have isolated reports that Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 may find that their Windows clocks do not move forward for DST, even with fixes applied from 931836 or 928388.    ·         Explanation: The root cause of this issue…


We were able to do the rebasing of appts, but now historical appointments are incorrect

Q: We were able to do the rebasing of appts, but now historical appointments in 1999 are incorrect. What effect does the rebasing tool have on old messages that are restored from archive systems like the vault.  What about items that are restored on Exchange?  What shoudl we know about appointments that occur in prior years…


Is there a list of error messages for the Outlook Time Zone Data Update Tool?

Q: Is there a list of error messages for the Outlook Time Zone Data Update Tool?A: This KB has information on the the Outlook Time Zone Data Update Tool, including a list of known issues and resolutions; see for additional details.