We have updated all systems with regards to KBs 931836, 926666, and 924881, anything else?

Q: We have updated all systems with the various DST 2007 updates corresponding to KB 931836, 926666, and 924881 articles. The Windows XP workstations are updated with the update corresponding to KB 931836.  Anything else required?
A: It sounds like you've got it all covered in terms of updates.  The only question left is whether or not all end user appointments/ meetings in the extended DST period are correct (the last three weeks in March and essentially the end of October and first week of November).  That can be addressed by having end users manually move the meetings, running the Outlook Time Zone Data Update tool (TZ DUT) in the user context, or having the Exchange admin (probably you) run the Exchange tool.  In a small organization, it probably makes the most sense to have end users verify their calendars during the four weeks of the extended DST period and make corrections where needed.

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