So we don’t need to run the tool against any public calendar?

Q: ok, so meetings on public calendars set to use AAA will get rebased when the tool is run against the organizers mailbox? not run against public calendar?  So we don't actually need to run against any public calendar>?
A: Not exactly.  Calendars within Public Folders and conference rooms using the Direct Booking feature in Outlook are handled separately than conference rooms using AAA or user calendars.  The first two (PF and Direct Book) resources were not addressed in V1 of the Exchange tool.  V2 of the Exchange tool went live on Wednesday and can address these for you.  The AAA discussion is related to conference rooms that do not use Direct Booking.  Meaning, if you rebase all users that have appts using these conf rooms - the conf rooms will be automatically be updated.  Therefore, you'll want to enable 3 conflicts to handle the traffic to the conf rooms so that declines are not given back to the users.

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