internet explorer 9, etc. and amazon cloud player

you might have heard about this new browser that microsoft released – internet explorer 9?  obviously i’ve been running it for awhile, but haven’t blogged about it – until now.  since i’m learning a new keyboard, any opportunity to type i’m taking.  this afternoon i downloaded amazon’s cloud player to check it out on a…


25 apps for christmas–rockband 3

i caught the bug a little late (stood in line at midnight for the guitar hero 3 for xbox release) but was waiting for wireless guitars since it’s one of the main reasons i love xbox 360.  when rockband released it was another pre order for me and i’ve played most of the guitar hero…


25 apps for christmas amazon mp3 download (with free christmas music!)

amazon’s mp3 store has a nifty little application that reminds me of when i first started downloading music.  they are also offering 25 free christmas songs ( which is an added bonus. pc version of the application – either opens windows media player or itunes (depending upon what is installed) mac version of the mp3…


25 apps for christmas–shazam

imagine you are in your car, at a restaurant or a store and a song comes on that you really like but you don’t know the artist or song title (you make an educated guess with what sounds like the chorus, but certain songs/artists might use this as the title/might be hard to understand what…


tekken 6 – coming out later this month for xbox

it’s been an entire year, but later this month tekken 6 comes out for the xbox 360.  since then i’ve added a second xbox to our home, begun watching netflix movies instantly on them, created my own custom avatar and gone back to mainly wireless game play even in titles like rock band and guitar…


joy division limited edition zune!

i’ve always been interested in music.  in high school i discovered the band new order – in college i learned that before new order was a band called joy division (and that their lead singer was ian curtis).  when i first heard joy division i didn’t like ian’s voice at all (haunting and almost out of tune sounding…

0 – broadband television – the world is watching

tonight i was looking for a completely unrelated video on channel 9 and what do i stumble across?  a channel 9 video from my favorite musician – ice cube!  why on earth is ice cube being interviewed on channel9 video?  microsoft silverlight is used to stream this and other content on