windows 8 and bing tip – searching the windows store from anywhere

So you took the plunge and you are running Windows 8.  This could be on a brand new computer, a system you upgraded or on one of the great new form factors that become tablets or detach or have touch screens.  Chances are that you’ll still have access to computers that aren’t running Windows 8….


bing desktop

Yesterday I read about Bing desktop and wanted to try it.  It brings the Bing home page picture to your computer every day and gives you a search box on your taskbar/desktop Windows Key + H by default brings up search Very cool and we’ll see what the family thinks of it now that it’s…


february post

i haven’t had a formal post in almost a month, so this one has some information that’s been accumulating in my head or other places on the internet.  on february 11th i presented the keynote at sit (students involved with technology).  i showed ford sync, microsoft tag and then some of the translation work that…


sunday posts for everyone:

the old wisdom used to be don’t click on anything that you don’t recognize and only follow links from someone you know, but lately with so many of our methods of communications being shortened (twitter, texting, mobile phones, netbooks, etc.) there is definitely a new set of confusing looking links around the internet – the…


sunday posts for everyone: bing maps and photosynth integration!

last week at malta elementary all the kids were excited about the photosynth (a 3 dimensional representation of a place or an object from different angles) and i also showed them the bing map app of some of those photosynths.  once we got to the microsoft surface globe application (part of the windows 7 touch…


windows 7 wednesday tip: eye-fi geo

for my birthday i wanted to get a couple items that i could use with existing equipment.  i’ve already shown my media center setups (the two 22” monitors are new) but now i’ll share the other purchase – an eye-fi geo 2 gb sd memory card.  although it’s only available at the apple store, this…


windows 7 wednesday tips (7 for the end of 2009)

here’s another installment of my public windows 7 wednesday tips.  we’ve been providing weekly tips internally for 18 weeks and many of those same tips will be reproduced here (as well as new ones).  here are 7 tips to ring in the new year: #1 use internet explorer 8’s inprivate browsing mode for online banking,…


bing visual search

wow – how cool is this?  obviously anyone with a portable music player or using sync with the jukebox feature (why not for ipod or zune?) is familiar with album art, but what about online search? bing’s billboard’s past albums – recognize any of ‘em?


browser for the better

i came across the following today – a site sponsored by microsoft that will donate 8 meals to feeding america for every download of internet explorer 8 from the site.  now the challenge – finding a computer that i’m not running internet explorer 8 on yet (i think my aging windows xp media center desktop…



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