windows photo viewer vs windows fax and scan

i got a question today that i’m hoping is answered by using a built in windows 7 program that isn’t the default for a particular file type.  windows 7 includes both a photo viewer and a fax and scan program.  i’m going to be doing some investigation into the two and will post additional information as…


windows 7 wednesday tip: running windows live messenger in windows vista compatibility mode

thanks to windows weekly and paul thurrott for this tip – you may have noticed that the windows live essentials version of messenger runs on your taskbar with an integrated notification on windows 7 instead of over in the notification area.  well, there is a way to change that. windows live messenger on the taskbar…


office 2010 tips and tricks thursdays – use two versions of excel (and start saving disk space)

i haven’t used office 2003 for a while, but this evening i installed it for a demo environment on windows 7.  then i installed office 2010 click-to-run (a virtualized second copy of office built upon the same application virtualization technology we use in app-v) on the same computer (i’ve been dogfooding it for a while…


act 5.5 download is available!

woo hoo!  the application compatibility toolkit is on the microsoft download site.  time to do some more testing….


windows vista, windows 7 and application compatibility

the springboard series has released a number of videos that explain a number of features in windows 7.  the first one i watched was on application compatibility.  showing the same work that went into fixing an application running on windows vista and then on windows 7 really emphasizes the capability of using windows vista as…