office 2010 tips and tricks thursdays – web apps

at cwug (chicago windows user group) this evening i demoed the office 2010 click-to-run home and business edition (which uses app-v virtualization to stream and cache the software locally) and we also had some fun viewing the new web apps and editing powerpoint and excel documents online. editing a powerpoint 2010 document online one of…


windows 7 wednesday tip: taskbar preview from the keyboard

taskbar preview from the keyboard – windows key + t most people love the taskbar preview of multiple windows or documents in windows 7, but did you know you can access it from your keyboard?  press and hold down the Windows key and then the t key to highlight the thumbnail previews – press t…


windows 7 – what happens with a lot of windows and alt+tab?

on my regular system this have never presented itself as an issue, but what about on a netbook with limited resolution?  windows 7 allows the alt + tab results to wrap in the list.   alt + tab results on my workstation usually the main culprit for me to even consider this limit is internet…


windows 7 wednesday tips (7 for the end of 2009)

here’s another installment of my public windows 7 wednesday tips.  we’ve been providing weekly tips internally for 18 weeks and many of those same tips will be reproduced here (as well as new ones).  here are 7 tips to ring in the new year: #1 use internet explorer 8’s inprivate browsing mode for online banking,…


want to help feed america?

i’ve already blogged about browser for the better (which runs through august 8, 2009)  – download internet explorer 8 here and microsoft will donate 8 meals to help feed america.  what i wasn’t aware of was the other promotions feeding america has done with various corporate sponsors.  the list includes some of my favorites (favorite…


browser for the better

i came across the following today – a site sponsored by microsoft that will donate 8 meals to feeding america for every download of internet explorer 8 from the site.  now the challenge – finding a computer that i’m not running internet explorer 8 on yet (i think my aging windows xp media center desktop…


the case of the 2 iexplore.exe processes

in my previous post i was troubleshooting internet explorer and why i had two processes everytime i open the browser.  what i had forgotten is that i upgraded to internet explorer 8 and that we now use two iexplore.exe processes that runs at different integrity levels and then open pages and/or tabs in other iexplore.exe…


the case of the two iexplore.exe processes

i recently noticed that anytime i open internet explorer, i have two iexplore.exe processes on windows vista.  in trying to troubleshoot this, i reinstalled a test system and was reminded in internet explorer 7 and protected mode we introduced a secondary process called ieuser.exe that “sandboxes” internet explorer from the current user security context.  since…


test, test and test some more

as i’m typing this post, i’m running on windows vista sp2 release candidate, just downloaded and installed internet explorer 8 and the office 2007 service pack 2 beta.  the system is also configured with windows 7 boot to vhd for interim windows 7 testing and app-v 4.5 cu1 as well.  microsoft deployment toolkit 2010 and…


ie8 on windows vista

internet explorer 8 is here and i’m about to put it on one of my windows vista systems.  just got back from cwug – great time with virtualization technologies and boot to vhd.  15 more installations this evening, although i had some help from shawn travers in downers grove and chris urban in chicago 🙂