the most complex upgrade yet…

family computer – multiple accounts – years of memories – the kids do their homework on this – AND the OEM got out of the computer business.  This one might not complete, but we’ll see…

I’ve backed up everything from this computer (if you care about it, back it up), so here goes nothing – back soon with the results…

I’ve got Office 2010 Starter Edition on this computer (it’s a Sony Vaio 24” with 3d Blu Ray player, a TV tuner and a bunch of other stuff) as well as Office 365.  My wife installed dropbox because a non profit used it.  It’s got OneDrive synced content, my son plays minecraft on it all the time (as well as Steam games).  Most of the other use is normal use (using the Internet, online meetings, etc.).

Why not dual boot?  Because that doesn’t solve the question of upgrading (and I will dual boot if this install isn’t everything I want it to be).  I could also (and have) run Windows To Go introduced with Windows 8 – this system has been dual boot with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 as well as booted from an external drive to all those operating systems.  The touch drivers are a little flaky, but recently when I showed my son you could touch the screen, he said “this is a touch screen?” so I don’t think anyone will miss it.

Let’s see if I can save a screen shot… Success!


Screenshot (2)

New and old side by side…

ideos (including the recorded files from Media Center – screen shot below was the only warning during the upgrade)

Minecraft appears to be working (son’s most important feature)


I’ve checked out the new apps and a few of the important old ones (Zune was still there and able to play some protected video content), I streamed my Xbox One to this system.  The touch screen kind of works (Sony had this edge gesture stuff they were doing for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and 10 kind of interfere with that since they want to use the edges), but what everyone else didn’t know about won’t mean a change for them.

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