countdown to ignite–t minus 11 (business) days

I am going to Microsoft’s Ignite conference and will be delivering some tips and tricks on Windows 10 and Office 365.  I might as well start documenting the various tips here for attendees to reference maybe more detail than I’ll have time for in my session – so here we go.  I’m going to start with Click to Run.

I have a number of computers at work and at home, but Office 365 provides me 5 installations on ANY of those computers (Macs or PCs).  Let’s look at which are my most popular devices right now:

click to run

It’s a pretty good variety of devices.  From this portal I can deactivate a copy I’m not actively using (maybe the Surface Pro 2) and download a 1 MEGABYTE file (you read that correctly) to kick off an automated installation of Office Pro Plus!


My Sony Vaio home PC doesn’t have Office Pro Plus on it – hasn’t for over 5 years.  It’s the family computer – my kids do their PowerPoints on it, use Word for papers and my wife uses Excel.  How?  There are two answers – one is what came on the computer – Office 2010 Starter Edition (Word 2010 Starter and Excel 2010 Starter) and the other is Office Web Apps (PowerPoint, Word, Excel – new versions the kids might need).  I found out today that Starter Edition can co exist with Office Pro Plus (I new “regular” versions of Office can – just never tried with Office Starter edition!)

Co Exist

Office Starter and Office 2013 side by side!

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