windows to go – the windows 10 post

I found a great post on setting up Windows To Go with PowerShell. - this information works but assumes that you only have the USB device attached to delete and create attached.  I wanted to take some additional steps to ensure you enumerate everything attached and then pick the appropriate drive:

# this lists the disks attached to the system

$disknumber = Read-Host 'What Disk would you like to COMPLETELY DELETE and REPARTITION for Windows To Go?'

# this assigns the disk as a variable to be used in the script

"you have picked disk $disknumber"

# confirmation


#an opportunity to get out 

$disk = Get-Disk $disknumber

I have also been testing some other changes that I'll post later.

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  1. MSCEBILL says:

    Everyone Is talking about "Spartan". Well I tried it on the last Windows 10 Update that I received and it worked poorly.
    Suggestion: Since Microsoft did buy Netscape navigator, Modify that. Netscape even during it’s time was not subjected to the attacks that IE suffered. The code was in point better. Pick up on that give it 6 months more in testing to bring it up to speed, then
    release it as MWSE. Since the Internet is World wide then the New "Microsoft World Search Engine" should be born. The old Netscape was more secure and had a better performance. Modify it and put it out there! It would really give everyone a run for the money.
    Please be smart and do it. Keep in mind, when I use to have trouble with IE in windows Xp and could not fix it (Just Short of re-installing the OS) I would install netscape and it always worked, Firefox, Endura, Google Crome, Nothing would work! I would install
    netscape and got me thru everytime. I think it is time to bring it back in a newer more profound way. The Microsoft way. The New "Microsoft World Search Engine". Please do it! Please!

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