windows 8 and bing tip – searching the windows store from anywhere

So you took the plunge and you are running Windows 8.  This could be on a brand new computer, a system you upgraded or on one of the great new form factors that become tablets or detach or have touch screens.  Chances are that you’ll still have access to computers that aren’t running Windows 8….


windows rt tip – how to recreate a recovery partition

ADVANCED TIP FOR THE TECHNICALLY INCLINED:  Assuming you didn’t jump right in like me and delete your recovery partition on a Windows RT device (haven’t tested this on an OEM Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro machine – yet here’s the official guidance –, you’ll definitely want to at a minimum make the USB Recovery…


adding storage to a windows rt device

Today I posted an advanced tip about deleting the recovery partition on Windows RT.  The very first comment indicated readers were considering this without understanding the ramifications, so it’s back in editing mode…  The fourth comment was a question about how do you recover without a recovery partition and I just shrunk the C: drive,…


windows rt tip: regain an extra 3.5 gb of space

WARNING:  This is an advanced tip for users that understand the ramifications of deleting a recovery partition.  If you have problems in the future and did not back up your recovery files, you will likely need to visit a Microsoft Store.  I’m going to do some recovery testing and will post a follow up (and…


windows rt tip: surface for windows rt recovery key

Read an interesting article (and fortunately I haven’t had need for this yet) on the recovery key location in SkyDrive. or are links that will redirect you to the location in Skydrive where the Surface for Windows RT is stored.  Since I have multiple people using my Surface, there was an article that points out…


a powerpoint proposal

This video is a great example of how to use PowerPoint (and just because you can use PowerPoint doesn’t mean you should use PowerPoint).  It’s about 3 minutes in length – 1st minute shows a good presentation (but I DO NOT condone PowerPoint for this type of proposal EVER) then a bad presentation example.  …