8 things about windows 8: advanced search

I had someone ask today about advanced searches in Windows 8 and I can honestly say I hadn’t tried one yet.  Here is an example of what I would consider a simple search:  I know I have a file on my computer with “W7” in the title.  Press Windows Key + F and type in W7


but what if I can’t remember the file name, but I am certain it was larger than 4 mb.  Here’s an advanced search:



There is still advanced searching in the Windows explorer interface as well.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    What if you don’t just need to find all the **.dwg files (where * can be any other string of course), but need to compare the search results and select those files that are relevant to the current project? What if you need to narrow down the results because
    you have hundreds of projects, thousands of CAD drawings, different versions of code, music files, etc. etc.? Moreover, what if the criteria for narrowing down results only become easy to see AFTER the initial search results show up? It’s really dumb having
    to redo almost the same search over again. Windows XP style search is much more intelligent, because the output is a re-sortable Window with columns: Click on the PATH column and you instantly select hundreds of DWG files belonging to the proper project.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wrote *{search_string}*.dwg, but I used the wrong { and } brackets

  3. Attila says:

    I also struggle with finding files in Windows 8. It was a simple process in Win7. However in Win8 only applications are brought up as you just described above for simple searching. Files fail to show up in search results and I can't find out why.

    Interestingly in Libraries (Explorer) only the the first four menues are indicated on the upper left menu bar, the "Search" menu fails to show up.  A mistery or what the heck ?

  4. Jack says:


    as soon as you start adding search strings in the search input field as shown above, the search menu option becomes visible.

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