uefi–custom picture and sound on asus laptops

How cool is a custom boot screen and startup sound for your laptop?  Leave it to Asus – now I have a picture and sound file of my choice when I turn on my laptop.  I had noticed in the UEFI settings (that you could have a startup picture and sound, but there was not a place to define these settings in UEFI – Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) and this week I configured it on my son’s laptop and later on mine (when I was sure it didn’t cause any problems – TIP:  always test changes on another family members computer).  These laptops have USB 3.0, Blu Ray drives and great big screens and keyboards.


here’s the utility to configure it…  pretty straightforward and intuitive.

Asus boot screen

The next time you see a picture of your choice instead of the Asus logo…

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