upgrade from windows 7 to windows 8

I’ve just finished my second upgrade to Windows 8 and I’m very impressed with how well the Consumer Preview checks for compatibility, has you uninstall anything that will cause problems and then either migrates your apps, data and settings or just your data into Windows 8.

Windows 8 Upgrade

The only thing i was asked to uninstall was Microsoft Security Essentials.

Once the installation completes, you are running Windows 8 with the accounts, applications and data that were on your current computer!  I have upgraded a Dell Duo and Acer 1420p (both touch tablet devices) so far.  Since both of these computers run 1366x768, the snap feature with Windows 8 modern applications works great.


Minimum resolution required to snap modern applications.

Windows 8 Upgrade 02

Windows 8 Modern Mail application running along side the desktop and Lync.

Windows 8 Upgrade 03

Windows 8 Modern Calendar and Mail app snapped together.

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