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i've been with microsoft almost 6 years now and ever since i started i have been able to bring my own computer to work (and often do).  the day i started (october 31, 2005) was the start of the greatest employment journey i could have ever wished for.  i received and unboxed my very first tablet pc (running windows xp tablet edition 2005), but was hired as a windows client technical solution professional and work through the milestones of windows vista (early builds way before beta).  i had a lot of interest in testing the 64 bit version of the operating system, so i had to bring equipment i had from home.  bringing my own computer or device presented a number of decisions (did i want to join it to the microsoft domain?  did i need wireless access on it?  what other applications would i be running besides an operating system) and over the next few years some of the capabilities i had with a device i provided changed (what i could access, what needed to be installed and what was optional), but virtualization and demo builds of vista were also common place.

today i can demo a lot of the technology with my production work computer because we are using application virtualization, folder redirection, bitlocker, direct access and other features at work.  bringing a computer from home still allows me to run lync (to stay in contact with coworkers), outlook and other office applications, bitlocker-to-go encrypted drives and sharepoint.  some of the capabilities i have with a microsoft computer i cannot do with a computer i bring from home.  trust takes into account both who i am (an fte or full time employee) but what the device i am using is (corporate issued asset, personal system, smartphone, etc.).  look for more posts on what various devices i personally own look like at microsoft...

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