daskeyboard revue and dvorak mod on an acer 1420p

i’ve been using my daskeyboard for a couple days and if you miss the feel of an old school electric typewriter, you’ll really enjoy this mechanical keyboard.  today at lunch i modded (slang for modified) my keyboard on my acer 1420p.  this little tablet has gotten a lot more use than i ever imagined it would.

dvorak 001

almost every key needs to be moved for the dvorak layout

dvorak 003

alphabet soup (and the daskeyboard next to the new microsoft arc mouse)

dvorak 002

the a and m keys don’t move, but the g and 23 other letters do!  even the colon, comma and period keys find new homes

even though i’ve memorized the keys i’ve found it difficult to peck when casually using the keyboard.  here’s where the mod came in handy (or when my kids get curious enough to try)

now that i know querty and dvorak keyboards i can use daskeyboard, but you begin to realize how much you rely on visual queues (if you’re not touch typing, where is the 6 key?  or the question mark?  back slash?  etc.

dvorak 004

the final product – my very own dvorak keyboard!

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