internet explorer 9, etc. and amazon cloud player

you might have heard about this new browser that microsoft released – internet explorer 9?  obviously i’ve been running it for awhile, but haven’t blogged about it – until now.  since i’m learning a new keyboard, any opportunity to type i’m taking. 


this afternoon i downloaded amazon’s cloud player to check it out on a home test machine and realized just how out of date it was (it needed some windows updates, service pack 1 and ie 9).  i also had ignored updating security essentials so this became a full update.  once complete i went back to the amazon site and downloaded the uploader.

if i am going to keep my music on the net, there are a couple things i’d want to address.  1) easy, quick access 2) access from as many devices as possible.  pinning the cloud drive to the windows taskbar made a huge difference to make access quick.  windows and mac support are a start, but i need access from my phone to my music.


you can pin sites directly to your taskbar in internet explorer 9!

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