mike verta was kind enough to remind me of a classic mechanical keyboard that can be ordered with no inscriptions on the keys.  i just ordered the das keyboard ultimate model silent which will help in learning the dvorak layout (no reason to look down anymore!)


i can’t wait to check it out and report back on it!

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  1. Dan Rey says:

    I considered purchasing this just as a joke or for my kids to learn to touch type.  The mechanical/typewriter part interested me too.  I should have it on Monday – watch out for a post about it shortly!

  2. octavian@silvermoondesigns.org says:

    That's a little bit on the expensive side for a keyboard. You can find ones more reasonably priced around $40…


    Also, /. had an article on this a couple years ago: hardware.slashdot.org/…/Blank-Keyboard and there was a mix of good and bad reviews…

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