be different

this afternoon i came across an oldie but goodie – a dell floppy drive from a dell inspiron 8600 i owned in 2003.  to my surprise it has an usb port, so i was able to attach it to a windows 7 64 bit computer (the good news – windows 7 64 bit supports floppy drives!  the bad news – windows 7 64 bit doesn’t support any of the dos or 16 bit applications on most of these floppy disk drives).


microsoft arcade (getting this to work on windows 7 64 bit will have to wait for an upcoming post)

i found one disk from my mother in law that she took in mansfield, il.  i love this picture and couldn’t recalll where the original was (didn’t think to look at the stack of floppy disks i saved).  so now i just have to convince my wife that it would be fun to watch the original star wars movies on thx laser discs (who needs them on dvd or blu ray?) tonight.

 be different

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