kindle 3 is the best selling product in amazon’s history

on december 27th amazon announced that the 3rd generation kindle is the is now the bestselling product in amazon's history, eclipsing "harry potter and the deathly hallows (book 7)."  my wife is always the lens that i pass gadget technology through to get someone that doesn't just want it "because it's cool" (i've been known to say this on a number of occasions) and she loves the kindle.  the kindle made my list of 25 apps because it's much more than the hardware.  you can access it on so many platforms.

we just had a hardware issue with one we purchased in september.  after amazon's website called me and did some troubleshooting, a new one under warranty is on it's way.  excellent customer service - great device and excellent app on multiple platforms.

congratulations amazon on an excellent product!

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