25 apps for christmas–foxitsoftware

with software there is a leader (or creator) and then there are alternatives.  sometimes these alternatives improve upon an original, sometimes they simplify a program that has become large and occasionally they consolidate multiple programs or features into one installation.  probably my favorite example these days is foxitsoftware’s foxit reader for pdf (portable document format) files.  it has gone through multiple version updates (just like adobe’s reader) but has stayed relatively small in comparison.  a pdf reader is usually something i think about installing the first time i need to read or reference a pdf file.  foxitsoftware’s download is small, quick and serves that purpose.

as an added bonus for users of windows 7, tim heuer released a foxit pdf preview handler compatible with windows 7’s preview pane and outlook’s preview capabilities.  these two are common installations on both physical and virtual installations of windows 7 for me.

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