mrs. cinnamon–inspiring first graders

as my daughter finishes up 1st grade i have met and gotten to know another inspiring teacher.  our kids have both had great teachers that have inspired and encouraged them and it’s one of those jobs that i admire people for doing (especially those that provide role models for girls!).  mrs. cinnamon has a lot of the qualities i have hoped my daughter would be exposed to as she continues her journey in school.  in this past year, mrs. cinnamon has posted more videos and held more events than i can count.  she is experienced with technology and has incorporated it with the first graders.  i have seen so many examples of creativity, incorporating the interests of the kids in her class and performing that we couldn’t have asked for a better teacher as our daughter learns.

audrey also takes horse back riding lessons from someone that is also inspiring and influencing her in so many positive ways and I have also worked with three other teachers that i will post about in the month of june.

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