sunday posts for everyone – giving

this topic seemed to be appropriate since i have just completed a few requests to support a high school friend, a coworker and a friend i met through the chicago windows user group in their running and walking.  in june eva and i will again participate in the trek 100 ride.

the chicago windows user group has quarterly non profit support suggestions for members, and microsoft also participates in chicago cares serve-a-thon (which unfortunately conflicts with the trek 100 this year).

i recently joined the chicagoland chapter of hdi (for help desk and support professionals) and attended my first meeting thursday evening.  i have spoken at the milwaukee brew city hdi chapter before and both chapters have non profit causes they support as an organization as well as individually.  giving back to organizations such as big brothers, big sisters, our church, dekalb kiwanis.  as a kid i used to equate giving with money, but the chicagoland hdi chapter is suggesting one of the other ways to give – they plan a volunteer day at the northern illinois food bank this fall.

this spring, consider giving your time, talent or financial support to one or more organizations you or others support.

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