windows 7 wednesdays – 60 tips in 60 minutes part 6

t-1 week until my presentation at the ahma hardlines technology forum in schaumburg, il on 60 tips in 60 minutes.  this is my last post to get to all 60 and i’m cheating a little bit by providing a tip that will push me well over providing only 60!  here’s 51-60:

51. direct access

i’ve already posted about this feature and will probably rely on screen shots since my demo machine (with multi touch) is not one of my two systems using direct access

52. diagnostics and recovery toolset

the diagnostics and recovery toolset (or dart) is part of the desktop optimization pack and provides administrators a set of great utilities, recovery and troubleshooting.  i might just screen shot dart from windows virtual pc or i might show it in a virtual session live – i’ll update what was actually shown next wednesday.

53. panoramic view in windows live photo gallery

i’ve got a couple real world examples of this and again might do something live and in person tuesday – we’ll see.

54. windows live writer

what i’ve been using for almost every blog post i make – part of windows live essentials (and works on windows xp, vista or windows 7!)

55. windows movie maker

this is one example of software included with windows xp and vista that isn’t part of windows 7.  you can get an updated version from windows live essentials.

56. text size (dpi settings) and getting started

probably will set this to medium for the entire presentation tuesday.  it allows your text to still be readable when you reach really high resolutions on your computer (i’m currently on a computer at 1440 x 900 but have a desktop that goes to a even higher resolution) will need to figure out how to demonstrate this since changing the setting requires a log off.

57. multiple languages/keyboards/settings

between mui (multilingual user interface) and just being able to type and set windows to another region, it might make sense to log off and log on with another language.

58. backup and windows easy transfer

windows 7 has some great utilities for backing up and restoring.  to demo or screen shot using windows 7 snipping tool – that is the question (and will probably come down to how close i am to an hour)

59. sounds and screensavers

new bing’s best theme is available – you can now change your wallpapers on a timer (and this is how i’ll likely squeeze all of these tips into 60 minutes!)

60. want more? download the windows 7 product guide (xps version) – this document is packed full of questions, answers, graphics and demonstrations of features.  besides being my 60th tip or trick, it easily puts me over the 60 in 60 minutes.

where did i come up with this list?  primarily from what i have noticed, demo or use on a regular basis.  i also did my fair share of research and have posted many of these topics here on my blog in the past.  here are 7 bonus links that i’ve got from a quick bing search:!70F64BC910C9F7F3!4572.entry

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