windows 7 wednesdays – 60 tips in 60 minutes part 3

another wednesday and this week i’m in seattle but it’s time for my third set of tips from an upcoming 60 tips in 60 minutes presentation in april.

21. multi monitor support (and windows key + p)


no matter which way you set them up, windows 7 has great support for running a desktop or laptop from multiple monitors.  don’t forget windows key + p!

22. calculator!


there are so many cool things you can do with the new calculator in windows 7

23. multi touch

now that i’ve got a touch laptop i don’t like using any others.

24. wordpad and paint


check out the new wordpad and paint – they are very cool

25. remote desktop connection


another feature i use a lot.  whether accessing server sessions or desktop sessions remotely

remote desktop 06

26. magnifier!


windows key + the plus key (and windows key + the minus key) – great for demos that aren’t in powerpoint

27. speech recognition

i’ve been using this one since vista – great feature

28. resource monitor


now you get a great window into the four main subsystems (cpu, disk, network and memory) for troubleshooting performance problems

29. repartitioning on the fly

just wrote a post on this one recently – great feature in both windows 7 and windows vista!

30. previous versions

introduced in windows vista – you’re less likely to lose important work in windows 7 professional or enterprise versions

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