office 2010 tips and tricks thursdays (on a friday)

today i’m going to share my office live story and a link to a bunch of office content. 

christian maulsby gave a great presentation at cwug (chicago windows user group) last night on office live and how he uses it professionally.  great session christian!  my story starts a couple years ago while my son and his cousins were still in grade school…

surprisingly, my son was not as connected to the internet as one might think – we debated about giving him access to someway of communicating with his cousins directly and i stumbled across office live:


and was born.  sam and his cousins had interest in becoming a band and the best name they had come up with was music in a briefcase.  they were dabbling in instruments and singing, so a website to share seems like a great idea and it would allow them to showcase their talents (since then it’s all about youtube for them – that’s probably what i’ll update today is their channels).


i don’t think any of them started using the email addresses associated with the site, but our original intent was that this would be a way for them to email each other and not risk unwanted communication with others (we’ve since graduated to windows live family safety to protect all of the computers they kids use whether shared or individually).


someone at work yesterday told me they had interest in starting up a small business and had interest in the information being discussed thursday at the chicago windows user group and i’ve got another friend who runs a small jewelry business online using twitter.  this is a great way to test the waters and see if your business idea takes off.

finally – here’s an office 2010 link from blake handler’s “the road to know where” – enjoy!  this weekend and next week – techready (microsoft’s internal technical training in seattle!)

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