the microsoft store in scottsdale, az

this january i had my first opportunity to visit one of our two microsoft retail stores while visiting family in scottsdale, az.  working at microsoft for over four years there wasn’t much i haven’t played with, seen/heard of or own, but the store did not disappoint.  they had a prominent display for a device called fitbit.  it’s acts like a pedometer with a 3d motion sensor and wirelessly uploads data to a web service available for free.


i like the device and the idea of tracking how much activity i get on a regular basis.  what i’m not as disciplined about is logging the activities i do that fitbit doesn’t track (swimming in the winter and cycling in warmer weather – information about what i’ve eaten).  what i do like is that the site has a pretty extensive database of food and nutrition information.  for instance after taking my daughter to the ymca this morning, i was starving and had an egg mcmuffin from mcdonalds.  i don’t know anything other than it’s a fairly healthy choice (i’ll have to post about the “eat this not that” books).


fitbit knew everything about it (calories, fat, fiber, carbs, sodium, portein).  you can also use fitbit to track your sleep quality and amount you get by wearing the device at night.  you hold down the one button for about 3 seconds to indicate you are about to fall asleep and then it monitors if you get up in the middle of the night to go use the bathroom or to tuck in a child (this still occasionally happens in our home) – i would have loved to have one of these when our kids were younger.


so if you don’t live or plan to visit scottsdale, az or mission viejo, ca in the near future, feel free to check out the fitbit website and order the device online if you have interest!

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