windows 7 wednesday tip: eye-fi geo

for my birthday i wanted to get a couple items that i could use with existing equipment.  i’ve already shown my media center setups (the two 22” monitors are new) but now i’ll share the other purchase – an eye-fi geo 2 gb sd memory card.  although it’s only available at the apple store, this sd card and software ran fine on windows 7.

eye fi 04

geotagged picture of the downers grove microsoft office.  you define how the eye-fi card connects to your wireless network and then the pictures are transferred wirelessly


here’s the gps information from the picture above

eye fi 03

power on the camera and then the pictures just start transferring to your computer with these little thumbnail previews.


add the best geotagged photosynths to bing maps (check out photosynth at


here’s a few of the photosynths featured on bing maps

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