my triumphant return to media center!

for the past 2 years i have lost the televisions in our home to a competitor.  my wife (and i must admit this isn’t just her) became interested in simplifying the mess of cables, wires, remotes, etc. to just operate the television so media center and the large hp media center computer was no longer hooked up to our big screen tv.  soon the same fate met the tv in the bedroom.  now that windows 7 has media center built in and with the ces announcement about cable card tuners coming out for it, i am regaining at least a couple locations with computers and media center.

1.  my office

i just got two wide screen monitors so that i can do a multi monitor setup (watch tv and still have a monitor for work, play, whatever)

2.  our bedroom

a tiger direct pc i purchased recently with 8 gb of ram has a hdmi connection.  ironically this single connection is again simplifying the connections, wires, etc. to keep my better half on board with the media center pc on tv.

pictures coming soon!

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