office 2010 with click-to-run

before we could speak publically about it, i was talking with a coworker about the fact that once windows 7 shipped i would still be dogfooding code since the next version office would still be in development and he asked if i had heard of click-to-run.  click-to-run is  based on core virtualization and streaming technologies from the microsoft app-v team in cambridge, ma of the new office beta.  it’s available for the home and business edition of 2010 and separates my testing of office from our current version of office 2007.  download it here, start the install, and read on…


here is where click-to-run begins – a 2 mb download manages the rest of the virtualized installation in an application called the click-to-run application manager…


in the picture above, office 2010 is being “streamed” to my workstation using the click-to-run application manager and i’m prompted for a beta product key even before the software is fully installed.


powerpoint 2010 launches automatically during the click to run installation and displays some information about what’s new in office 2010 and click-to-run.

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