a portable computer story

i’ve not been a big fan of netbooks primarily because of three things:  1) screen resolution, 2) keyboards and 3) processor limitations.  i have written before about my gateway lt series netbook, but found a dell inspiron 11z that appears to address at least the first two concerns (it has a slightly faster processor than the gateway).  i’ll share some additional findings from the gateway – most of which should apply to the dell as well.

the gateway is light, has a great big hard drive (250 gb) and is great running windows 7.  it’s not a great full screen movie device (a little under powered in the processor department), but for web video does quite nicely.  it has a built in webcam and it was upgraded from the windows vista basic that came with it (the dell has windows vista home premium standard today – not certain if it comes with a free windows 7 upgrade).  both the gateway and the dell have 2 gb of ram.

if you are looking for a light portable computer (maybe to supplement a powerful desktop computer when you are on the go), netbooks can be an option, but i’ve found these two choices have a better mouse track pad layout (buttons are below the track pad instead of to the left and right) and have a useable resolution (1366x768)

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