applocker on windows 7 professional

a question came up today at one of the it pro windows 7 sessions today about applocker - whether you can setup an applocker policy on windows 7 professional.  here's the answer - straight from the windows 7 professional help for applocker (you can setup applocker from the local computer policy on windows 7 professional)

applocker is available in all editions of windows server 2008 r2 and in windows 7 ultimate and windows 7 enterprise. windows 7 professional can be used to create applocker rules. however, applocker rules cannot be enforced on computers running windows 7 professional. organizations should use applocker for all computers that support it.

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  1. Dan Rey says:

    You can still leverage software restriction policies in Windows 7 Professional

  2. Do you mean to say… You can create AppLocker Rules on a Windows 7 Professional Box, but they wont work on Windows 7 Professional Box?  

  3. Generic IT Guy says:

    @Techie:  YEP!  Sucks, huh?  Now my Win 7 Pro-based network is SOL on software install customization control.

  4. George says:

    "You can still leverage software restriction policies in Windows 7 Professional"

    Nope. SRPs are not affected at all by a pry bar. He can USE software restriction policies, but he can’t leverage them.

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