7 second demos – dugg!

before windows 7 came out we worked on being able to explain and demonstrate 7 features in 7 minutes – these 7 second demos are great and really get to the point.  i’m going to have to consider a couple of my own!  i came across these on digg, so now they have been dugg!


sony vaio cw – available with fresh start

this is what i’ve been waiting for – an oem that provides windows 7 without all the trialware that if you didn’t order you probably don’t want.  this morning i was checking out the sony vaio cw (which looks like a great notebook) and noticed besides configuration options like blu-ray, 8 gb ram and a…


the real ajay bhatt

brilliant spot on the tonight show with conan o’brien.  intel co-inventor of usb ajay bhatt isn’t the dude in the commercial – conan wastes no time asking really funny questions and some of the suggestions ajay actually agrees to – watch and learn.


bing visual search

wow – how cool is this?  obviously anyone with a portable music player or using sync with the jukebox feature (why not for ipod or zune?) is familiar with album art, but what about online search? bing’s billboard’s past albums – recognize any of ‘em?


shrink a volume in windows 7 automagically

woo hoo!  you can shrink and grow a partition (even the one windows 7 is running on from disk management – one of my favorite really geeky tips)


boot from vhd on windows xp!!!

finally!  i found instructions on how to setup boot from vhd on windows xp so that you can start windows 7.  if you join the chicago windows user group on live.com, you can learn how as well! this requires windows 7 enterprise or ultimate and you have to setup the vhd of windows 7 ahead…


a portable computer story

i’ve not been a big fan of netbooks primarily because of three things:  1) screen resolution, 2) keyboards and 3) processor limitations.  i have written before about my gateway lt series netbook, but found a dell inspiron 11z that appears to address at least the first two concerns (it has a slightly faster processor than…



i just joined the windows clubhouse and noticed a number of great posts and a couple challenges – check it out at clubhouse.microsoft.com and sign up today!  two that caught my attention were an apple bootcamp 3.0 post (about support for x64 and windows 7) and a lenovo x301 review (from the same person).  looking…


applocker on windows 7 professional

a question came up today at one of the it pro windows 7 sessions today about applocker – whether you can setup an applocker policy on windows 7 professional.  here’s the answer – straight from the windows 7 professional help for applocker (you can setup applocker from the local computer policy on windows 7 professional)…


did you know: show windows stacked, cascaded or side by side

someone asked me if there were ways to vertically maximize more than two windows using aero snap (snap one window to the left hand side of the screen and a second to the right hand side dragging the windows or using the windows key + left and right arrow keys) and sure enough a taskbar…