before i started at microsoft on october 31, 2005 (yes – it’s almost been four years!) i spent a lot of time combing through posts on channel9, jobsblog and the careers site.  i wanted to get a sense of whether i would fit in.  fortunately i was interviewed for and accepted the perfect job and armed ahead of time with information from these three sites (as well as others), i began the process that eventually led to joining the company (more on that in future posts).  this evening i came across another tremendous blog for anyone considering a career at microsoft – microspotting.  i’ve always been a huge fan of how the internet brings people together and how the web has made it possible to learn about people and do research on just about anything (keeping in mind that the posts may or may not be fair and balanced…) – this site is yet another opportunity to get an idea of what it’s like to work for microsoft.  hope you enjoy checking out the profiles as much as i did this evening…

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