test, test and test some more

as i'm typing this post, i'm running on windows vista sp2 release candidate, just downloaded and installed internet explorer 8 and the office 2007 service pack 2 beta.  the system is also configured with windows 7 boot to vhd for interim windows 7 testing and app-v 4.5 cu1 as well.  microsoft deployment toolkit 2010 and the windows automated installation kit are also in beta and friday i saw the post about the 5.5 release of the application compatibility toolkit.  mdop 2009 also released with med-v v1.0 (microsoft enterprise desktop virtualization).  between released products or solution accelerators (act 5.5, med-v and ie8) and all the "dogfood" (beta or test software) i'm having a blast.

the other thing that i'm becoming very good at is virtualizing portions of my demo systems.  i typically run windows 7 for demos from boot to vhd.  i'm using app-v for application delivery and profile virtualization so data follows me.  it's made such a difference to be able to test so much more of the moving parts with all these technologies on the same equipment i have been provided.  two systems were never so productive.

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