to netbook or not to netbook – that is the question

this evening i was looking at the various options - around $300-350 for netbooks.  netbooks are interesting because they can run either windows xp, windows vista or windows 7 beta and they are larger than my current phone to make typing and using them easier.  still lightweight and extremely portable - a netbook might be a great option for someone who has a desktop but wants the ability to be online elsewhere.  here is another example of why i love this industry and microsoft - choice.

if i look at the wide variety of hardware, form factors, capabilities, prices, operating systems, and even the 32 bit versus 64 bit choices i have it is mind boggling.  this evening i began my first deployment with the microsoft deployment toolkit 2010 beta and add yet another to my quest to install windows 7 700 times before it's released.  check back for my hardware decisions because it is my birthday month.

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