dr. bob – the value of my time/15 more installations (somewhat automated)

i was thinking of someone who taught me the value of my time when i was much younger (and had time to spare!) today as i setup another 15 computers with windows 7 at work.  "dr. bob" as he was known to me, was technical, an entertaining presenter, and one of my first mentors.  i had just spent over 24 hours installing computers for my group "the information center" (unboxing them, hooking them up, running through windows 3.1 setup and configuration, etc. etc.) and as bob and i were talking he stopped me to make sure he heard me correctly - "why didn't you have someone from network set them up?"  that would have meant waiting - and i was impatient to get these new 486 computers - with sound cards and microphones - hooked up!  dr. bob mentioned that my time was much more valuable (at the time the trade off was sleep).  now that i'm 40 and have two young children i value my time a lot more than in those early years of my career.  i just spent 2 hours uploading the 64 bit windows 7 ultimate wim to a wds (windows deployment server) at work and then sending it to 15 dell optiplex 745 workstations.  bob's advice rings true today as it did over 16 years ago when i first received it.  here's to spending time wisely!

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