build 62 – actually an upgrade

still my favorite installation trick from windows vista is the use of shift+f10 during the installation to be able to access a command prompt.  this wasn't windows vista specific - it existed in windows xp as well, but i discovered it during the beta of windows vista.  it's still there and allows you to watch what is going on "behind the scenes" during the installation or the upgrade process.

 today i'm headed into build #62 which is actually an upgrade from a previous build (i'm going to count it towards my goal of 700 installations).  i've gotten a lot of questions around "should i upgrade or install fresh" and although i like not having anything from the previous operating system hanging around or being upgraded, there are definitely situations where it makes sense.

last night on installation #60 i did a fresh installation but kept the file system somewhat intact (deleted directories, files and subdirectories with the rd /s switch that i didn't need/care about) so this afternoon i will spend some time upgrading instead of wiping and loading - i can always decide to go that route later (but you can't do an upgrade after a fresh installation regardless of whether you completely delete the file system or not).  windows.old is a great concept for accessing files or settings you forgot... 

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