only 9 days

i had an xbox 360 finally fail and sent it in for repair (during the holidays - so my xbox became the family xbox) - i wanted to see what the process looked like since i've heard of the "red rings" both through game store visits and individuals.  i created the request and a box was sent to ship in my xbox 360.  plenty of detail was provided on what to send/not send/double check/disconnect.  9 days after the unit was received - i have my "repair completed" email.  my personal xbox only has a 20 gb hard drive, so i've had to be a little careful with what i fill it up with, but once the family unit is returned - it will be full steam ahead with holiday games and new content.  surprisingly, netflix and the nxe (new xbox interface) with avatars was more popular than any one game.  the family xbox gets the most use because it's the media hub of the home - for video, music, communication and yes games.

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