add another 4 installations of Windows 7 (eventually i’ll pull out the new calc applet and see where i’m at….)

so i've installed my first windows 7 home premium build 6801 and my first upgrade to an existing windows vista system (which just so happened to be running windows vista home premium).  both of which emphasized the strong application compatibility we'll have between windows vista and windows 7.  remember this is pre beta without support for anti virus, but the upgrade took me from windows vista home premium to the new and very cool windows 7 home premium.  all of my gadgets were migrated successfully from the windows sidebar to the new desktop gadgets (placed anywhere on the screen you like) and because the upgrade saw that i was using windows media center, i also got to check out a new desktop gadget for media center in windows 7 - now making my favorite new feature.  zune software and all of the windows live software (windows live betas of writer, photo gallery, and movie maker) made the migration without issues.  that's not to say that everything will work without any changes - my sprint smartview software doesn't work with the pre beta - upgrade or otherwise.  it's surprising how you begin to rely on new technology/capabilities quickly.  i've only had an aircard for 6 months and you'd think i don't remember what it was like to not have the internet for one minute of the day.  the other two installations were testing a couple other scenarios i've wanted to check out - dual boot (an easy way to keep my aircard working!) and another upgrade scenario from windows vista enterprise to windows 7 enterprise.

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