zune pass – includes 10 songs per month

wow – this just brought me back to a zune subscription.  in the past when i went through periods of wishing i actually owned some of the songs i had synced to my zune i had to decide whether to pay an additional amount, but now included with the zune pass subscription, you get to…


first multi touch notebook…

…is from hp!  i’ve got the tz1000 tablet which also allows touch, but the hp tx2z series supports multitouch.  in a growing trend, it also can be purchased with the 64 bit edition of windows vista home premium or ultimate.  it appears to be the same size as the tz1000 which i like – check…


add other 16 additional installations of windows 7

i’m slowly but surely racking up installations of windows 7 on systems.  i’ve now done my first few “over the network” installations using WDS (haven’t multicast the installation just yet).  i’ll do the math to see how many installations i’m at shortly.


nxe will be released on wednesday

we’re rescheduling our wednesday cwug live meeting, but fortunately there will be something for members to do on wednesday – upgrade their xboxes with nxe – the new xbox experience.  check out the info here.


almost got to test remote wipe on my windows mobile device…

we’ve been on vacation for a few days and at some point on the second to last day i left my cell phone and thought i had lost it.  fortuntately it’s a windows mobile device so 1) no one can get to my email, contacts or phone functions without a passcode 2) all of this…


cwug windows home server live meetings begin tonight!

as i’m blogging this, ray casey is kicking off the first in a series of windows home server live meeting sessions.  ray is a member of cwug (the chicago windows user group) and has stepped up to chair the windows home server track for the user group.


election 2008

early in this election season my wife (another and the most important influence in my life i’ll write about soon…) said “wouldn’t it be cool if one party had a black candidate and the other a female one?”  i didn’t think this would ever happen, but we came pretty close in the democrat and republican parties…


three more installations of windows 7 – brings me to seven systems tested.

i did some additional testing on three dell desktop systems with the pre beta windows 7 build – fast extraction of the wim from dvd (i’ll need to time it, but i believe the extraction was around 10 minutes) and setup on systems with 4 gb of ram.  all these builds have been using either…