becoming a big

my sister in law and her husband were both involved in big brothers big sisters as bigs before they had children.  i always had interest in volunteering but didn't get around to it before i had children of my own.  a little over a year ago, i became a big brother.  i have two children (a boy and a girl) of my own and have wanted to volunteer, but not at the expense of my children or the time i spend with them.  the match that our local big brothers big sisters organization was able to find is between the age of my kids and it's been rewarding both spending time with a youngster that benefits from the time we spend and friendship we developed and the example i am setting for my own children.  every year big brothers big sisters has a bowl for kids' sake fund raising event - i've been involved with that for probably 5 years now.  in early 2009 i will bowl again - but this year will be the 2nd that i have a little with me.

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