"i hate windows vista!"

my mom exclaimed.  "why?"  i asked 1) because it's my mom and 2) because i'm her son and 3) because it's my job (in no particular order).  "talk to your father..."  my parents have a dell inspiron 530 and just bought a hp printer from officemax.  the printer came with a windows vista installation cd, but it turns out it was damaged.  they were also having issues getting to the internet on the new dell, so my dad couldn't download the hp printer driver.  i downloaded the appropriate driver, put it on an external usb drive and was able to save the day.

which brings me back to the title of this post - nothing that was wrong had anything to do with windows vista - a damaged cd, problems accessing the internet and a new printer contributed to my mom not being able to print (which is what she wanted to do). 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I like vista a lot.  I am not dell fan first.  I have a client they order four dell laptop for their software team.  All four laptop has a graphic card proble.

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