out of gas – at the station, in the prius and on my laptop

i stopped to fill up my car this morning at the dekalb oasis and the gas station didn't have any gas - so my low fuel light had just come on and i typically have about 45-50 miles before the tank is empty so i decided to start the commute.  i ran out of gas on my exit to fill up.  no idea how bad this is for a prius, but it will run on the battery once it is out of gas for a few minutes (don't ask how i found out about the length it will run on only battery!)

all filled up, i finished the drive to chicago.  at work i noticed that dell is now offering a laptop with up to 19 hours battery life (with a 12-cell high capacity battery slice)!  i could so use that (might be able to make it through the entire day without power of any kind depending upon the additional drain things like my aircard put on the monstrous battery!)

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