Erasing unsupported tapes & utility automation sample

You may encounter tapes in DPM libraries that are written with an unsupported block size and first need to be erased because DPM cannot evaluate such tapes and therefore will not do anything to it. The ZIP file that can be downloaded here contains a script, script user guide and two utilities to accomplish this… Read more

The search for DPM tape utilities stops here…

This solution combines several existing tape related scripts with enriched functionality. The short list is shown in the DPMTapeUtil user guide illustration on the right. You can download the script and user guide from here, provided “as is” no rights or warranties implied. This script is updated to also copy recovery points to disk and… Read more

Replacing tape drive assignments

Imagine you got a replacement library for a broken one, or one with larger capacity to partition or share between DPM servers but anyway shows up as another tape drive. For discussion sake we say everything is fine with the new library but you now got all those protection groups on one or more DPM… Read more

Enabling/Disabling co-location of data on Tape

With DPM 2007 Feature Pack  (KB949779), we have added support for media co-location. With this feature, you can achieve better tape utilization by co-locating data from multiple protection groups with similar retention range. This feature is disabled by default. You can use following PowerShell commands to enable and disable tape co-location.   Enable Tape co-location:… Read more

DPM 2007 Rollup Update — NOW AVAILABLE

We are very excited to announce that the ‘Rollup Update’ for System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 is now available. There are new workloads to be protected, as well as new features in this update, including: Windows Server 2008 support Run DPM2007 Server on a Windows Server 2008 platform Protect Windows Server 2008 – including… Read more

CLI Script: To recover a DPM replica volume from data stored in tape

When a disaster occurs, and you lose your replica volume for any datasource, you could re-seed the replica from the backed-up data you have in tape. This little script initializes replica from a tape recovery point. The parameters have to be customized for your environment first as given below.  Save the attached file as a… Read more

CLI Script: Manual detailed inventory of unknown tapes

The following script runs detailed inventory on all unknown tapes in all the libraries attached to the specified DPM server. Save this script as a .ps1 file and run it. Usage and examples of scripts can be found by calling them with ‘-?’ or ‘-help’ from inside DPM Management Shell. This is for manually running the… Read more

CLI Script: Force mark tape as free

This script allows a user to mark any tape as free so that it is available for protection by DPM. Tapes which have unexpired data cannot be marked as free from the GUI but sometimes (esp. while testing) users need to override this behaviour. Save this script as a .ps1 file and run it. Usage… Read more

DPM Installation: Configuring Libraries

Configuring Tape Libraries  (Continued from previous post)            Last week’s DPM snip covered basic configuration of tape libraries and also mentioned if drives from a tape library are listed as stand-alone tape drives, or if a stand-alone tape drive displays incorrectly as a drive in a tape library, you need to remap the tape drive information. … Read more